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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is does it take to have my car washed?
It depends on what service you have and busy periods. A Wash Service will take approximately 15 minutes.  A Wash & Interior Service will take about 45 minutes and a Full Detail will take around 1.5 hours. Staff can provide you with a time the car is required for on the day.

Do I need to wait for my vehicle during the wash process?
It is your choice, you may take a seat and watch while your car is washed or take advantage of us being conveniently located in the shopping centre and do some shopping or have a coffee  and return to your clean car.

I have a gift card/evoucher purchased from another We Wash U Shop store. Can I use it any store?
Yes, you can use you gift card/evoucher at any one of our locations.

I have a SUV/4WD, is there an additional charge?
Only large vehicles will be charged 4WD/Van prices. Some of these vehicles include Nissan patrol, BMW X 5 and similar size vehicles. SUV such as Toyota Rav 4, Mazda CX7 are charged sedan prices. Please see our services for a list for our prices.

Do you clean and remove baby car seats?
Due to safety we do not remove or install the baby seats. The customer may remove and re-install the seats. We do however vacuum/clean baby seats without removing them.

I have my car washed regularly am I entitled to a discount? 
Yes, you are. Introducing our Loyalty programme; every dollar you spend you will be rewarded 3 percent that will go towards your next visit or you may accumulate the points and use when you please; this will be automatically calculated in the system and printed on your receipt each time you visit.  The best part of our loyalty program is that you do not need to produce a card and you can redeem your points at any time on any service!

What if I am not back in time?
No problem your clean vehicle will be locked waiting for you.

How long does a polish last: 
This depends if your vehicle left is under cover or left out in the elements. It may require polishing every month or every 6 months.

What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?
All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid and caustic free. They are safe for your vehicle.

How often should I wash my car?
Minimum once a week, due to the fact that your car is constantly exposed to contaminants such as tree sap mist and bird droppings.

Isn't rain a natural way to clean my car?
No! Rain contains acid that eats away the paint & finish of vehicles. After acid rain falls on a car, the water evaporates but the acid remains. Mixed with sunlight, this acid can harm the vehicle's paint & finish.

My car has a clear coat finish; do I still need to wax it?
Yes! Clear coat is a clear layer of sealant over the colored layer of paint. While clear coats offer great protection, they cannot stand alone. Wax is an effective way to protect your car's finish.

I just washed my car and now it's raining, can I bring it back?
Yes. We will rewash the exterior of your car within 24 hours of your dated receipt.

Will your window cleaner damage my tint?
NO! Our window cleaner contains NO ammonia.