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Top reasons 

to have your vehicle regularly cleaned 


1. The clean car feeling!

Who doesn't love a clean car!


2. Convenience.

We do the hard work and just as our name suggests, you can shop while we wash!


3. help the environment.

At We Wash U Shop we conserve water and control waste.


4. protect your investment.

By always having your vehicle regularly cleaned and maintained, it will save you money on unnecessary repairs (like your paintwork) and will make it easier to sell when the time comes.


5. Driver's pride.

Your vehicle looks better and feels better than dirty! 


6. Acid Rain.

When it stains!


7. Sun Burn.

Skin is not the only thing that can suffer from the sun's harsh rays, sealants can protect against the sun and help maintain your vehicle's paintwork.


8. safety.

By having your vehicle washed and maintained regularly you will have clean windshields, windows, mirrors, headlights and indicators to ensure you can see and be see when driving on the roads.